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Ace your Job Interview

Did you turn down a job offer because they told you the interview will be in English?


Then let's start acquiring some language and confidence.

Welcome to our series: Common Interview Questions.

Each post will review one question.

Question #5: Tell me about a project you're really proud of

Answer this question by:

  1. Select a recent project that you remember well. ...

  2. Choose a project that had a positive outcome. ...

  3. Provide specific data points to prove why the project was successful.

  4. Use the correct language that the interviewer expects and show your industry knowledge.

Words and phrases which might come in handy are exceptional, proud, accomplishment, exceed the expectations, win a contest, promotion at work, project completion, outstanding results, first time ever, streamlined…

With this question, the interviewer wants to evaluate a number of factors:

  • Your leadership and planning skills

  • Your ability to work well with a team

  • Your experience in defining key success criteria

  • Your commitment to meeting goals

  • Your ability to keep to project timelines and budget

Sample Answer

Use the S.T.A.R methodology: Situation. Task. Action. Result

Situation – we were losing market share and understood that we have to embark on a re-branding initiative.

Task – I was tasked with leading this significant project. I selected a multidisciplinary cross-organizational task force and engaged external professionals. As you know, re-branding is a complex and risky undertaking.

Action - we started with brainstorming many options, considered pros and cons, worked with designers on a new logo, prepared new messaging, planned a campaign how to launch the new brand, worked on internal and external communication, worked with our suppliers & more. Overall, it was a 6-months’ project, with a total budget of xxx dollars.

Result – we were on time and on budget and not only maintained our market share, but as a result of the new look n fell of the brand, we were able to reach new audiences and double our revenue.


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