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Would you like to sharpen your business English?

Nice to meet you. My name is Hilli Gadot.

הילי גדות

About Hilli Gadot

My name is Hilli Gadot and I grew up in an English-speaking home. Over the course of 25+ years working for global hi-tech companies and for a US corporation, I have gained extensive expertise in global business communications (USA, Asia, Europe) and corporate jargon.


I started my hi-tech career by setting up global service teams and operations, then moved on to project management, and then became the Global IT Director managing a global team.


Nowadays, I combine my matchless global business experience and offer instructor led courses and translations to organizations and individuals that want to Sharpen their Business English and turn it into a competitive advantage.


I offer a unique fusion of global business experience, teaching skills (certified English Tutor), and frontal and online training skills, which distinguishes my services from others. Thus, I am able to bring added value to organizations and individuals in more than one way.


My co-workers and clients have said that my contagious enthusiasm instills them with extraordinary energy & dedication. I find my greatest motivation in driving others to achieve their dreams. 

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