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Ace your Job Interview

Did you turn down a job offer because they told you the interview will be in English?


Then let's start acquiring some language and confidence.

Welcome to our series: Common Interview Questions.

Each post will review one question.

Question #4: Tell us about a challenge you've had and how did you handle it?

Answer this question by:

  1. Explaining the situation, the task you needed to accomplish, and what method you chose (and why)

  2. Sharing the outcome. What was the result?

  3. Sharing your lessons learned.


In my last job, we were facing a tough deadline and my boss was out for the day. Our client was expecting a project to be delivered by 5:00 PM, but we were far behind schedule. I took the lead on the project, delegated tasks to the four other team members in a way that I thought would utilize everyone’s strengths best. And then I re-organized my own personal tasks so I could dedicate my entire day to contributing to this project as well. The project was a success and we delivered the work on-time. I went on to lead more projects after that, and used what I learned to be a better project manager.

In summary:

  1. Focus on a specific work-related challenge

  2. Talk about how you overcame obstacles

  3. How you used it as a learning experience

  4. How you ended up with a positive result!

That’s how to answer this interview question.


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