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Should I talk 'dugri' to my colleagues abroad?

Can I talk in my 'dugri' direct communication style to colleagues, customers, investors, suppliers, and partners abroad?

Israelis usually communicate in a direct, straightforward, and informal manner. It is perceived as talking honestly, authentically, whereas indirect communication may be perceived as dishonest.

Joel Leyden (TIME magazine) wrote:

Israelis have perceptions of time, space and values that are completely different from those of North Americans. Israelis see Americans as artificial and square, when they are actually just showing respect. Americans think Israelis are arrogant, rude and pushy, when in reality they are being direct and honest.

OK. So how should I talk? What words should I use? Here are some tips.

I'd like a more detailed explanation. Sure, that's what the below document is all about.

Hillis Biz Etiquette - Blog
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