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I want to talk and sound like a native speaker

I know English. I talk English. But...I want to talk more professionally.

Is it possible? Certainly.

Is it easy? Instant? Not really.

It requires some effort, learning and using business phrases and businss jargon, and re-using the newly learned phrases, else, you'll simply forget them. Activate them, in other words, use them, a couple of times till they become part of your DNA.

For example:

  1. Can you please give me a ballpark estimate? (=rough estimate)

  2. It's still up in the air whether the CEO will approve this project.

  3. To stay ahead of the curve (=ahead of the competition) we'll have to raise the bar (=raise the standards).

  4. I'd love to work on this project, however, I don't have the bandwidth (=time, resources...)

Below are some common business phrases.

To make it easier for you, I have assembled some commonly used business phrases with meanings, explanations, and examples of how to use in a sentence. Select 2-3 that you think you can use in your daily interactions, use them and reuse them again and again, and then move forward and select the next 2-3 phrases.

Hillis_Handout - Business Jargon
Download PDF • 238KB

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