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איך לצלוח ראיונות עבודה באנגלית

האם ויתרת על תפקיד שממש רצית ורק בגלל שאמרו לך שתצטרך לעבור ראיון עבודה באנגלית?


אז בוא.י להתחיל לרכוש שפה ובבטחון.

ברוכים.ות הבאים.ות לסדרה: שאלות נפוצות בראיונות עבודה.

כל פוסט ידון בשאלה אחת בנפרד.

Question #7: How do you make decisions?

Or, tell me about a time you had to make a difficult decision? How did you handle it and what did you decide?

With these questions, hiring managers want to know that you’ve made good decisions in the past and are comfortable making tough decisions under pressure. Demonstrate this and make them feel confident that you’re able to make decisions.

Prepare to explain how you organize and structure your decisions. The best answers will show that you’re calm and follow a logical system when making decisions.

Use the S.T.A.R model (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to clearly structure your answer.

Use phrases such as: challenging case, resolve the issue, complicated situation, find the best approach, reach an agreement, suggest a compromise, offer a win-win, pros & cons, weigh different options, risks, impact, consequences, outcome of the decision.

Sample Answer

Situation: one of our largest clients was having an issue with our latest software update and I had to decide between doing a fresh install on their system or trying to troubleshoot.

Task: I looked at the pros & cons of a fresh install but that would come with downtime vs. finding a temp workaround that we would eventually have to fix. The client didn’t express a preference and told us that we should decide what’s best.

Action: in order to make a good decision, and since I didn’t know this customer very well I spoke with the Account Manager and he told me that this client is typically risk-averse and doesn’t like uncertainty…I felt the best way to resolve the situation was to do a complete reinstall of the software, even though it meant downtime. I also spoke to our billing team to provide a special discount to help offset the lost revenue our software caused, which the company appreciated and thanked me for.

To summarize, typically list out all available options and then weigh the pros and cons and expected outcomes of each. I then list who is impacted and how by what decision…I try to engage and ask all relevant parties…and then based on data and information I’ve collected, decide on the best course of action.

Result: customer was happy with my decision and the way I communicated and coordinated with him the downtime.

End off with:

Would you like me to give another example? Or did that answer your question?

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